I've never boxed before. Do I need to take a beginner's class?

This is a beginner's class. And intermediate, and advanced. How can we train three different levels at the same time? We don't. We train you individually. Even though there are other people in the group, we work with each person separately from the group, and then together with the group. 

How can you train individually and together at the same time?

Pretty much like we did when we were fighting. Amateur and pro fighters trained together, and unless you were an amateur or professional champion, you weren't getting a trainer's undivided attention for more that 10 minutes. On a regular basis, two rounds on the focus pads to work on your technique, combined with sparring, bag work, partner drills and conditioning are great to get you in fighting shape. 

Will I need my own equipment?

No, we have gloves and wraps available for rent or purchase.

Do I have to spar if I join?

No. Although many of our members do, some choose not to and that's fine. We do highly recommend it though just for the experience. We have people in their 60's and 70's who have never boxed before and they love doing it. Their trainers will put on the gear and spar with them. The training itself is great, but sparring is life changing.